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  • "Lisa is great in every way." - Terri S., Mint Hill, NC
  • "Lisa was able to pinpoint my problem areas, relieve my pain through massage and taught me stretches to help prevent tight muscles." - Debbie D.
  • "I enjoyed meeting Lisa for the first time. She seems very compassionate and very attentively listened to my issues. The whole experience was very comfortable and I look forward to working with her." - Victoria S., Charlotte, NC
  • "Knowledge" - Patti S., Charlotte, NC
  • "Lisa is my favorite go to masseuse! She listens all of your needs and I feel so much better after the sessions!! " - Lynette E., Mint Hill, NC
  • Very personal and professional. Great massage therapist. " - Shirley B., Mint Hill, NC
  • "First visit with Lisa and she was wonderful l have so many issues with my neck and back muscles and she did a phenomenal job. " - Shawn H., Charlotte, NC
  • "Lisa was very focused on what I told her my pain spots were. Excellent job" - Jill N., Charlotte, NC
  • "she is very easy to work with and understanding and was able to get right to what needed to be worked on" - Charlene and David F., Charlotte, NC 
  • "Lisa is a skilled therapist with a warm comfortable manner. The session was well worth the price. I highly recommend her. " - Ed S., Charlotte, NC 
  • "I have been in absolute misery for months and months - stiff joints, swollen , in so much pain and discomfort. Unable to feel my feet and feeling like I was unable To go on another minute. She worked on my super tight paces and I walked out like a new me. I had not felt my feet in weeks to months and I could fee my left foot so this was huge. My hips were not as tight and the spine feels so much loser. *** best birthday gift I could give myself*** I will be back weekly so that I never end up like this again!" - Tammy P., Mint Hill, NC
  • " I now understand why they call it massage *therapy* My range of motion has increased dramatically in my neck since going to Lisa. My head and shoulders feel so much better but it's also a very therapeutic experience for your mind. " - Lindy S., Midland, NC
  • "Lisa cares about what she does, and that matters to me!" - Heather E., Monroe, NC
  • "Lisa is a great communicator and discusses the muscle groups affected, and as in my complex case, her shared knowledge helped me to understand my healing path. Thank you Lisa!" - Heather E., Monroe, NC
  • "Lisa is very professional and informative. She genuinely cared about my back problems, and addressed the areas that were of discomfort. I was in need of a massage therapist and had a difficult time finding one, but Lisa stayed late to help me out, as I was in a lot of pain. Highly recommend Lisa!" - Amy H., Charlotte, NC
  • I've put off getting a massage as long as possible because I don't really like being touched. However, I had reached the point that my muscle soreness from working out was negatively impacting me daily. Lisa was very understanding of my reluctance to massage but she was wonderful! Her massage was just right. She explained what she was doing as she went and where my problem areas are. I will be going back weekly for awhile to see if regular massage will help my post workout recovery." - April F., Mint Hill, NC
  • "Lisa was great. She is easy to talk to and I was very comfortable from the beginning. My neck felt much better the rest of the week." - Jessi H., Mint Hill, NC 
  • "Lisa does her job so well. Not only is she professional but she is very caring.I have had a lot of pain for a long while and Lisa knew exactly what was wrong. I am now on the road to recovery. I would recommend her to anyone!" J. Pierce, Huntersville, NC                 
  • "When people discover I book a weekly massage, I get the "Wow, how decadent of you" face. But allow me to explain. A massage is not any more decadent than sessions with my trainer and choosing organic foods to put in my meals and body. It's about health. It's about me. Lisa's weekly sessions repair strain from my barre workouts, ease stress from my career and home life as a widowed mom of a teen, and add to my wellness factor in a way I can't begin to explain. Look where you are putting your "decadence": coffee? New cars? Clothes? Technology? Wine? Massage Sanctuary is probably less per hour than any of those things, and the rewards are much more long lasting. So...don't reach for a mocha funka latte...get in touch with Lisa for something that is REALLY good for YOU!"  - Anne R., Mint Hill, NC
  • "Love Lisa and loved the massage. Walked in with a stiff neck and walked out with very little pain. Thank you Lisa!" - Jana P., Huntersville, NC
  • "I have had several back issues and a pulled ham string. Lisa has done a great job relieving tension and stress. I also sit a lot at work, so the routine massages are needed for my over all health. Lisa listens to all of my issues and focuses on  those areas. Thank you Lisa for those great massages."  - Tonya K., Mint Hill, NC                                                                                               
  • "I started seeing Lisa in 2012 when traditional medicines and physical therapy were no longer sufficient. I was in the process of being diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOC). She listened to me and my body, providing immediate neuromuscular relief in addition to correcting the visible misalignment in my shoulders and neck. Since that time, Lisa has treated me on a regular basis, working in conjunction with my doctors, and guiding me to a better well being  and a vast reduction in pain. I've never felt better or been happier with my massage therapist and strongly recommend her services." - Amy M., Charlotte, NC