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Welcome our New Therapist Brian Millen

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We've added another therapist! Meet Brian Millen, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in both North (#12944), and South Carolina (#8583).  Brian has joined Massage Sanctuary in an effort to share his expertise and help our local clients get the massage they need. 

Brian graduated from NC Massage School with additional certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and Structural Bodywork. He has acquired a wide spectrum of hands on experience in both therapeutic and relaxation massage. Brian has years of experience and is highly qualified in providing Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage, relaxing Swedish massage, and muscle specific Trigger Point therapy  He also has received advanced training in Orthopedic Massage and Assessment, as well as, training in ACE Medi-Cupping Therapy. In addition, Brian has received hands on training in Active Isolated Stretching from its founder, renowned kinesiotherapist Aaron Mattes.

From stressed out office workers to the injured weekend warrior and even professional athletes, Brian has assisted a wide range of clients in reaching their relaxation and therapeutic goals. His strong belief in the natural approach to wellness and healing combined with a passion for providing quality care makes him an excellent choice for anyone seeking a stress reducing relaxation massage or relief from pain with therapeutic bodywork.

Brian proudly served in the US Air Force and spent many years working in family business before eventually following his path to therapeutic massage. An avid outdoorsman, his interests include hiking, biking, kayaking, backpacking and beekeeping.

Massage Sanctuary can proudly recommend Brian to all our clients because he's been (lead therapist and owner Lisa Lane's) massage therapist for 6+ years).  Feel free to reach out to Brian at, go schedule online with him by clicking the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button on our front page or call him at 704-249-7970.